Hello there!

My name is Alexandra C. MacArthur and I am an online marketing and social media specialist from Philadelphia, PA.


What I can do for you

Do you work in the entertainment, food+beverage, or travel industry and find yourself struggling to get an audience for your brand? Then you need me. I’m extremely immersed in the entertainment, food, and travel universes and interact with fellow enthusiasts across all social platforms every day. My asset is that not only am I a qualified strategist and content creator, I know the audience. I am the audience.

Let me help you reach that audience by doing the following things:

– Perform analysis of your current marketing plan and content
– Develop a strategy that best suits your audience
– Create a social media calendar
– Develop original content such as videos, graphics, and blogs to be shared on social media.
– Score the internet for relevant, trending content to curate on your social pages.
– Analyze and report on what worked and what actually converts.

What I’ve done

Let me tell you a little bit about my social media and content marketing experience and how I can help your clients. My main accomplishment working in social media was when I worked at DIRECTV and helped our social media team double our Facebook likes. I did this by creating engaging banners to share that directed customers to our campaigns and sweepstakes. While working at the medical study recruitment agency, Acurian, I wrote a variety of ads for Google and Facebook and had them repeatedly tested to see which ads brought in the most study participants. This A/B testing saved the company time and money. In my role as social media manager at Dynamite Travel, a small travel agency, I managed all their social media channels and was able to increase their Instagram followers within a week. I thrive on analyzing social stats and seeing what worked. I also regularly engage with influencers in the industries I love (food and travel). I have no doubt I can connect and form partnerships with influencers for you.

Why Social Video?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Video is the most shareable content out there.┬áIt’s also the secret sauce for catching the attention of what some may call “the ADHD generation.” (I should know, I’m one of them.)

Video is also fun and engaging. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a 15 second instagram video, video gives you the opportunity to be the real you. It’s a medium where you can be on brand or off-brand, as in your goofy sassy self. Isn’t that the you you want to show to your fans? I think so.

With social video as the focus, I can help you craft a unique marketing campaign that’ll make your audience fall for you.

My Ideal Client

I am deeply connected to the vegan food and lifestyle, travel, and entertainment industries, with a hint of environmental non-profit thrown in for good measure. I’m seeking clients who want help with their social media curation and the creation of original content.