Social Media Graphics

I created the below social media graphics for instagram and to attract readers to my blog posts and services on Alex Goes There. All photos are mine.

Social Media Campaigns

While at DIRECTV I was the main writer for all of our social campaigns and sweepstakes. My job was to write banners and other website copy, such as blogs, that would take customers off the site to like and engage with our Facebook page. I also wrote the social media copy for Facebook, including copy for Facebook tabs where people would directly apply to our sweepstakes.

During my time at DIRECTV, the social media team and I were able to double our likes on Facebook through our campaign efforts.




Social Media Curation

In addition to writing and developing social media campaigns, I assist companies in managing their social accounts. Not only can I take away the hassle of constantly updating your social channels, I can increase your engagement. For example, I was able to double the likes on my client Dynamite Travel’s instagram handle in just one week.




Personal Social Media Projects

Travel Blog – Alex Goes There

I use social media to promote my travel blog, Alex Goes There and my travel and food photography. By analyzing my audience, I’ve been able to increase my instagram’s engagement and followers by the hundreds within days. If it were my full-time job, I have no doubt it’d be in the tens of thousands.


I volunteered to take this video for The Food and Water Watch. The Food and Water Watch is a national organization. The video you see is a protest against a recent proposal to allow fracking in New York City’s west village. The campaign was called The Global Frackdown. The video was shared on instagram to help increase awareness of the campaign.


Tribute video for Lou Reed:

A highly shareable piece of media if I do say so myself, I shot and edited this Lou Reed tribute video on my phone to honor my favorite male singer of all time.



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